As one of a few in the world and the only company in Poland we have a license for the production of splits laminated with PU films manufactured by company PIL Membranes.

Permair is one of the best in the world film to cover leather and splits. Its advantage is the light weight, air and water vapor permeability, water resistance, abrasion resistance, flex-life and ease and convenience of maintenance.


Split laminated with PU films Permair manufactured by company PIL Membranes.

Standard – a basic range of PU films in monochromatic colors and the leather-like pattern of front side. A wide selection of patterns in thicknesses of 1.2 to 2.8 mm is the ideal material for year-round, sports and children shoes.

Patent – film coated, smooth.

Protector – split covered with a special film for the purpose of protective and military footwear. The split is resistant to abrasion, water, oil-resistant and acid-resistant. It complies with the European standard EN 344 and EN 345 and is certified by CLPO in Krakow.

New! Laminated splits with a special film by company Pil Membranes intended for furniture and car upholstery.

Split laminated with PU films type “Freeport”. It is a cheaper, more “economic”, alternative for splits manufactured by company PIL Membranes. Splits are flexible and suitable, among others, for soft assortment of shoes on “fussbet” soles and year-round shoes.

Splits laminated with PVC/R foils.

Chrome – vegetal splits laminated with PU or PVC films, thickness 2.0 – 2.8 mm, are ideal for the production of wooden clogs.

See the gallery – foiled splits.

Split laminated with PU Permair films manufactured by company PIL Membranes.

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